The Countdown to  2015 TEDx Stanley Park

There is a long stream that leads to the river onto the deep oceans. 

Much like all successful events including this year’s TEDx Stanley Park. Event organizer Roger Killen has pooled together the best of resources to come up and put together today’s leading thought speakers. 

And this year, the stage is set on May 23, Saturday from 10am-6pm at the Granville Island Stage for all 13brilliant Speakers who will entice the audience with stories from around the world.

Be ready to experience all emotions from laughter, tears, frustration, fear, defeat, encouragement, will, motivation and hope to name a few. These top roster of speakers will engage the anticipated audience of 450 or more with stories that are true and close to their hearts. They are advocates for Corporate Integrity, Environment, Global Community and Citizenship, Fitness and Health, Survival, Death with Dignity and Masturbation (Demystified). 

I suppose after that introduction, I don’t need to convince you anymore to see why this is by far the most ecclectic mix of TEDx Stanley Park Speakers to date, but maybe I may still have to include the bee-buzz enthusiast    just to be sure.
 There is a total of 13 Speakers (check out their short bio on each with approx 15 minutes to share with the audience and make an impact on the rest of the TEDx Community.

We would love to get your feedback and you can do that by visiting the website at

And you can also get your tickets there too with special discount for groups starting at 3 or more.

Get ready to be inspired.


TEDx Stanley Park 2015

TEDx is an independently run event that is organized in many local communities worldwide. It is a gathering of people and hosted by leaders that demonstrate the pulse of the global community. This year, TEDx Stanley Park plays host to 13 inspiring and remarkably amazing individuals who, altogether will make the TEDx crowd, laugh, cry, be motivated, inspired and maybe even dance??? We’ll see!!

The clamor for personal enrichment through the  global community is clearly alive at all TED Talks and TEDx Events (see past media gallery at ( We are a generation of constant contact and TEDx is an active podium of putting Thoughts into Action. At the end of the day, you will be gallantly enriched with pure potent potion for action.
If you’ve never been to one or you’re eager  to see one, now is the chance! On May 23, Saturday 2015 TEDx Stanley Park will set the stage for 13 (of the leading thought speakers. Together, each of them will share their stories of inspiration, unity, peace, and global community. I keep mentioning global since, even though we live in one nation, we all represent parts of our communities on the other side of the world. Nothing could be more evident as this coming TEDx Stanley Park’s line up of Speakers (I will be careful not to spill too much), we have an environmentalist, a German-born doctor, a village-messenger from Cameroon, a humble entrepreneur, a death with dignity advocate, a bee-buzz enthusiast and we will even throw in a masturbation iconoclast!! WHEW!!!! 


  Oops, you’ve heard it, it’s all coming this Saturday at the TEDx Stanley Park 2015 so act fast and get your self in the action in a good way!

And don’t be shy say hi as I  will  be there as  part of the blogging team. See you there!

You can find more info on the website


Recreating Photos, Recreating Memories in Seattle

Once in a while you come across creative ideas that stick with you. 

Here’s mine. Sometime in 2009 I came across a book in Chapters that showcased a collection of photos that were recreated, all with no less than 15 years from the original photo to the recreated one. I was just completely sold at the images that I was flipping through and the joy that surrounded in each of the images has enveloped me. I was astounded, to say the least!!!

Not knowing the impact of that simple bookstore visit, little did I know that it will be one of the things I will greatly chase to achieve to bring me profound joy, just flipping through the images. 

I’d like to share with you some of what we’ve done, enjoy!



And the kids…

At the Space Needle, then and now. 



The unique Pike Place Market.


 The Seattle- Bainbridge Ferry   


 And a little add-on.



 This project, while so inexpensive is immensely enjoyable once accomplished. I encourage you to make one for yourself as a keepsake. 

The reward is nothing short of ….


The Beginning Of All Things Social Media

RICKY SHETTY. Vancouver’s  one-man-does-it-all, does it again! Last Febuary 21, the who’s who of Vancouver Social Media world gathered together to what became an epic one day Social Media Blast from industry gurus , innovators, culminators and learners for the first annual Social Media Conference.


What was an amazingly Sunny Wintry Saturday at the Jewel. Ballroom in Vancouver was filled with a packed day of learning, connecting and embracing what Social Media is all about.

Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, G+ or SnapChat, all participants (a whopping 200+++) learned to incorporate and enhance the use of these tools to improve personal or business interactions. The prospects  brought in by this powerful networking event brought together the real vision of Ricky Shetty (Daddy Blogger) which is purposeful networking! True to his word, Daddy Blogger Ricky is the only one whose true connections and years-long relationships with significant Social Media Authorities proves without a doubt success in powerful and meaningful networking. 

While that project proved to be an outright hit, A follow up #BlogMastery Event is yet to unfold this month.

I’m not kidding, success loves speed! Another event you can’t miss this April is The 2-day #BlogMastery Seminar 

this April 25-26, 2015.  With promo code #Leslie , you can get a spectacular 50% Off the regular event price of $297. So, why not take advantage and get in on this whopping deal!

For questions, you can find more details at



Humble Titan: The Young Billionaire Joo Kim Tiah

How close have you ever gone with a billionaire? I mean a REAL billionaire!

Pretty intimidating if you think about it but hey, just  recently during Vancouver Entrepreneur’s Event, we were cordially invited to meet Joo Kim Tiah. He is the young billionaire behind  The Trump Tower in Vancouver.

After years of negotiating with The Man Donald Trump, to bring in his brand of elegance to Vancouver, Joo Kim Tiah with his graceful charm and elegance faced a joyful crowd of Vancouver Entrepreneurs.

With close ties to Dan Lok (Serial entrepreneur and Millionaire alike) the gentleman, Joo Kim Tiah shared stories of how he envisioned  Las Vegas-style  Resort facility right here in Vancouver. With a shy admission that he was hands on throughout the whole process (from the choice of tiles, light fixtures to the grand menu) he referred to Trump Vancouver as his greatest trophy by far. And we can certainly agree, coming from a family of great wealth, he had to, according to him create his own Identity, apart from that of his father  but still true to his legacy of business intelligence and entrepreneurship.

I was personally wowed by his graceful and elegant demeanour as he showed exemplary wisdom and confidence. At several points during the night he emphasized a blend of virtues necessary to succeed. Some of them were:

Staying Focused. Having a goal and sticking to whatever it takes to achieve it.

Being Firm but Kind. Knowing when to be the boss and when to be a friend.

Creating your own Identity. Owning what is true to you.

Faith in God. There’s gotta be a stronger entity to believe your success is not completely yours.

That night, while it was a chance to meet the young billionaire, proved to be a great eye-opener for me.

Even with his true wealth and power,the y oung man was man enough to proclaim Someone  greater than everything else combined, faith in. God.What a fruitful Christian. 

joo kim

A Young Billionaire On the Go!

trump tower

Trump. The Brand is a class all it’s own. And to be associated with it is nothing short of Regal. This Thursday, you can come face to face with one of Canada’s youngest billionaires Joo Kim Tiah.

He is the brains behind The Trump Towers in Vancouver that has everyone high up on its frontier.

Much of his success in Asia and North America will be highlighted this Thursday for a night of education with the top Vancouver Entrepreneurs. With Dan Lok behind the event, it’s a sure power pack you don’t want to miss.

Get the chance to hear it straight from Joo Kim by simply getting your tickets here via and enter promo code “Leslie” to get the discounted ticket price of only $59.

Hurry! See you there!

The Little Gem that is The Anthony Pak Golf Academy

Somewhere in golf country there’s  a little hidden gem that is called the Anthony Pak Golf Academy in Port Moody.

With the early spring BC has been experiencing, the outdoor loving folks are gearing up early to head into the driving range.

And with that comes another opportunity for YVR Bloggers to test the waters… and we did.


To welcome  the month of March into early spring, YVR Bloggers headed to the little gift-shoppe town of Port Moody in IOCO Road. With our many blogger events in 2014, 2015 promises yet to be another fun-filled, family-friendly season.


We were welcomed by Rahim Gulam who by the way is an excellent Golf Teacher, into The Anthony Pak Golf Academy.


With Ricky, Anne and the kids, we, the bloggers and our families (yup kids included!) were first taught the basics in body positioning, handling and the tee. The site has a cool site simulator where you get the driving range feel when you hit the

tee. Anthony Pak, the owner, welcomed the YVR Bloggers with a gracious pizza lunch which was a big hit for the kids of course (kids/pizza=win/win).


While the sun was beaming that Saturday afternoon, Rahim was all over each of us  making sure we get the right spike to hit the tee. After all, the season is up early and better be ahead of the pak, I mean pack!

Anthony Pak Golf Academy, let’s Go! Go! Go!