Some Old and New Family Picture Adventures at Dinotown

Well, aren’t we all abuzz as parents during summer when  kids keep asking, “ What are we going to do today mom?”

With lots of choices around town, why not go for a leisurely drive to the Fraser Valley in Chilliwack  just 40 mins East on Hway1 to Hope, BC. Come visit them dinosaurs at Dinotown Funland. Located right across  Cultus Lake Waterpark Slides, this 5-acre inflatable-filled dinosaur adventure park offer little ones adrenaline challenges in miniature proportions.

There’s Car Racing, Pedal-Powered Dinosaur Moving Figure (I`m thinking Stegosaur), Paddle Boat, Mini-Golf, Giant Maze, and Zip-lining and running away from hungry dinosaur.







They have managed to keep DeeDee`s Car into the new home along with some old favorites like the police car and taxi. Oh memories!

With the day-long heat and enjoyment comes  a chance to cool off in the  Giant Water Slides and Frosty`s Ice Cream  with flavors like Coconut, Mango and Salted Caramel  (I can`t remember the other 1000 flavours).

Continuing the tradition, the gang of four performs daily live  at 11am, 1pm & 3pm. There`s story-telling that goes with the dancing and eventually, the kid in you will just be moving along on stage. Come on, you know you want to!



 We as the YVR Bloggers got to bring along families to Dinotown just after re-opening and got to meet and greet Dexter, DeeDee, Dusty Bones and Flapper fresh off their recent gig in NYC (see more photos and clips at www.dinotown.com or on  their facebook page Dinotown.


We were warmly welcomed by the vibrant staff and Mayor Rob himself. Oops, that is, Mayor Rob Ell notorious for Jurassic fun alright! After dancing, sliding, golfing and driving the kids and  YVR parent bloggers were in for a Dino picnic lunch.

We got to hear the mayor share his valiant battle with brain tumor some years back forcing the temporary closure of the Amusement Park.  But , all’s well that re-starts well. Dinotown is now back up and running and  to say “Roar!!!”  to the kids for patiently waiting, they are giving away Family Fun Packs (good for two adults and two kids) weekly, just visit them at www.dinotown.com for entries. You can also share this post on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with the hashtag #DinoRoar to win a family fun pack. I will announce the winner on Sunday July 19, 2014. Our main website http://www.daddyblogger.com will have ALL the links to the bloggers giving away this Family Fun Packs so make sure you enter through all of them. 

Welcome YVR


You can also book Birthday parties, (they had one during our Saturday visit) Corporate Picnics or simply come in and be a cool Jurassic kid one more time. They are open  daily from 10am-4pm through Sept 1, 2014. So, stop reading and start driving, oh yeah!




Erika Profile

A Jurassic Child Once Again by Lauren Santos

My first experience of Dinotown was when I was a small kid. It’s been a couple of years ago since I’ve been there. After hearing the Bridal Falls location closed down, I was saddened by the news. Deep down I roared, NOOOOO!!!!! Not DeeDee!



But the news came, I will be coming in to see and experience what the buzz is all about. I was definitely excited to know that I was going to visit again!
The moment I walked past the gates, the memories of fun dancing came flooding back. I was definitely excited, mesmerized and filled with nostalgia. After all I missed my old pals Dexter, Deedee and Dusty Bones. I was never into dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, but the memories of me walking along Dinotown in Bridal Falls as a kid ignited a sense of fantasy in me which I absolutely lived for. The dinosaur statues, the police car and the overall scenery almost came to life in my eyes and I never wanted to leave.

Dino Bite Lauren

Fast forward to June 2014 coming to the new venue at  #4121 Columbia Valley Road, Cultus Lake with the http://www.YVRBloggers.com family was a fun-filled experience that got me to re-live my times at Dinotown with all the dinosaurs (which by the way likes to dance, A LOT!). There I was watching the live shows at a little past 11am and just smiling and laughing as the little ones try to wiggle it on stage. A little peek beside me has doting moms and dads shaking their grooves as well, haha gotcha mom! Fun, fun, fun!

To celebrate their comeback, Dinotown would like you to win a Family Pass (good for two adults and two kids). Enter weekly through the website  at http://www.dinotown.com or post your old memories of the gang and the fun you had with them. (Visit their Facebook Page Dinotown or on twitter @Dinotownfunland and Pinterest at Dinotown)

As a special thank you, you may also comment through this post and be entered to win! This is my first post as a new blogger and I would like you to experience 5-acres of inflatable Jurassic Fun with your family the same way I had.




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Chasing the Rapids

British Columbia is a world-class outdoor destination. Everything from the picturesque mountains, breathtaking heights, excellent coastlines to interconnecting waterways, we live and love the outdoors.

Much to the world’s envy, we can ski, kayak, golf and sky-dive all in one day with just a few coffee and bubble tea breaks in between, yes Vancouverites you know it!

In the Fraser Valley lies a gem called The Chilliwack River, tucked along the foothills of the Cascades. There awaits an adventure that is called, get this, H-Y-A-K. For over 30 years now no one else has kept the chill in the Chilliwack River better than Hyak River Rafting Adventures (www.hyak.com).

A winding, 18 km paddling journey so  inadvertently ferocious the drops go from class 1 to class 4 in minutes. No wonder it is the training ground of choice for the Canadian National Kayak team. The Swamp and Tamahi Rapids are the outright champions of this division for the strong, continuous rapids that make the thrill seeker in you question the thrill seeker in you. Nope it was not a typing error!


The rush of adrenaline as you battle the fierce current is as equivocally deceptive as the quiet serenity you experience at the beginning and last leg of this liquid roller-coaster. In its own pace and in its own time, mother nature shows you what she does best, bust your hungry adrenaline and soothe your tired soul and before you know it, that riverside lunch (included in your adventure package) seems twice as hefty as it will ever be! Yum! Oh my hot-chocolate goodness yum!

This once in a lifetime adventure I have recently encountered is readily available to anyone up for this challenge, yes including You! The bragging rights is only for those willing to earn it, again YOU! And if you were to take my word, make this one your top priority and here’s why:

  1. They have great rapids experience guarantee between May-July.
  2. Great pick-up and drop-off locations for a hassle-free trip (www.hyak.com).
  3. Full safety gear provided (code blue-ask for details).
  4. Riverside lunch included (Full course buffet style menu).
  5. Cool engaging  team (With sexy Australian accent for the ladies, not kidding).


And through this blog, you have a chance to win one of 16   full-day adventure packages. Follow the links for full contest details.






on facebook Mslesliesantos

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Additional footage at explore-mag.com

Or leave a post below and tell me why you need this so badly that I have to choose you over the ten thousand other readers. “

“Now go have an adventure”-Finding Nemo





Another Way to Appreciate Recycling

I am a single-parent and I can’t afford many things. I’ve raised my kids with mostly basic stuff and them getting used to it  was planned and carefully orchestrated (yes, guilty as charged lol).

I would prefer them to know how to appreciate simple things than to live in excess and become wasteful. (Lookin’ at you!)

Now that my teenager is almost 16 years old, she has established her style among her peers as that of “vintage-hippie”. She raves about Value Village, The Vintage Shop (Robson and Granville) and is actually a proponent of 80’s and 90’s fashion. I look at her and secretly tell myself  the plot worked, she is mindful of reusing, recycling and re-purposing.

As for my 10yr old, he is a hardcore recycling afficionado himself. He has saved  over $100 last year through recycling beverage containers. I have no shame taking empties from work as I know my son is diligent enough to take them. 

What I’m trying to say is we have a lot of things/stuff we don’t need and though it may look like time-consuming at first to go at great lengths for it, but we really need to make conscious effort to recycle at the very least. Anywhere from our kitchen (proper disposal-segregation etc), our closets, our main household. Our planet needs to produce less, because the reality is we have enough.

Here are some major retail brands and organizations that I personally support because of  their major recycling initiatives:

The Canadian Diabetes Association and Value Village  (For clothing and  light household items)

London Drugs (Battery disposal  and cosmetics packaging at most locations)

Return-it Depot (Beverage and electronics disposal all locations)

The Vancouver Flea Market (Open Saturdays,Sundays and all Statutory Holidays, no donations you have to be a vendor)


Never too late to minimize your ecological footprint. For the sake of our kids and their generation.






Filter Your Online Traffic

It has been during the early days of texting that it has been said that this technology will undermine the standard of proper grammar, typographical error and missed spelling etc. And the sad reality is it has come true. Ten years ago (which is really not that far in relevant history) we rarely see grammatical errors, overlooked syntax and lame essays but these days, it is quite refreshing to see write ups so beautifully written, it can bring you to tears! Oh!

I know my blogs aren’t all that perfect either as I keep telling myself I will go back to edit (and I probably should teehee) but there is just too much flood of unnecessary information that we don’t really need and it is easy to get distracted.  I don’t care who had a fist fight inside the elevator? I don’t need to read a blog that will just lead me to another group discount and yes I don’t need another top destination countdown the same as I saw in 2010, only re-arranged in ranking.

I want a blog that is thoughtful and well-written. Short but leaves me to think for myself. I need a blog that can bring something new to  feed my online craving. Not much to ask but hey, worth a try.