Humble Titan: The Young Billionaire Joo Kim Tiah

How close have you ever gone with a billionaire? I mean a REAL billionaire!

Pretty intimidating if you think about it but hey, just  recently during Vancouver Entrepreneur’s Event, we were cordially invited to meet Joo Kim Tiah. He is the young billionaire behind  The Trump Tower in Vancouver.

After years of negotiating with The Man Donald Trump, to bring in his brand of elegance to Vancouver, Joo Kim Tiah with his graceful charm and elegance faced a joyful crowd of Vancouver Entrepreneurs.

With close ties to Dan Lok (Serial entrepreneur and Millionaire alike) the gentleman, Joo Kim Tiah shared stories of how he envisioned  Las Vegas-style  Resort facility right here in Vancouver. With a shy admission that he was hands on throughout the whole process (from the choice of tiles, light fixtures to the grand menu) he referred to Trump Vancouver as his greatest trophy by far. And we can certainly agree, coming from a family of great wealth, he had to, according to him create his own Identity, apart from that of his father  but still true to his legacy of business intelligence and entrepreneurship.

I was personally wowed by his graceful and elegant demeanour as he showed exemplary wisdom and confidence. At several points during the night he emphasized a blend of virtues necessary to succeed. Some of them were:

Staying Focused. Having a goal and sticking to whatever it takes to achieve it.

Being Firm but Kind. Knowing when to be the boss and when to be a friend.

Creating your own Identity. Owning what is true to you.

Faith in God. There’s gotta be a stronger entity to believe your success is not completely yours.

That night, while it was a chance to meet the young billionaire, proved to be a great eye-opener for me.

Even with his true wealth and power,the y oung man was man enough to proclaim Someone  greater than everything else combined, faith in. God.What a fruitful Christian. 

joo kim

A Young Billionaire On the Go!

trump tower

Trump. The Brand is a class all it’s own. And to be associated with it is nothing short of Regal. This Thursday, you can come face to face with one of Canada’s youngest billionaires Joo Kim Tiah.

He is the brains behind The Trump Towers in Vancouver that has everyone high up on its frontier.

Much of his success in Asia and North America will be highlighted this Thursday for a night of education with the top Vancouver Entrepreneurs. With Dan Lok behind the event, it’s a sure power pack you don’t want to miss.

Get the chance to hear it straight from Joo Kim by simply getting your tickets here via and enter promo code “Leslie” to get the discounted ticket price of only $59.

Hurry! See you there!

The Little Gem that is The Anthony Pak Golf Academy

Somewhere in golf country there’s  a little hidden gem that is called the Anthony Pak Golf Academy in Port Moody.

With the early spring BC has been experiencing, the outdoor loving folks are gearing up early to head into the driving range.

And with that comes another opportunity for YVR Bloggers to test the waters… and we did.


To welcome  the month of March into early spring, YVR Bloggers headed to the little gift-shoppe town of Port Moody in IOCO Road. With our many blogger events in 2014, 2015 promises yet to be another fun-filled, family-friendly season.


We were welcomed by Rahim Gulam who by the way is an excellent Golf Teacher, into The Anthony Pak Golf Academy.


With Ricky, Anne and the kids, we, the bloggers and our families (yup kids included!) were first taught the basics in body positioning, handling and the tee. The site has a cool site simulator where you get the driving range feel when you hit the

tee. Anthony Pak, the owner, welcomed the YVR Bloggers with a gracious pizza lunch which was a big hit for the kids of course (kids/pizza=win/win).


While the sun was beaming that Saturday afternoon, Rahim was all over each of us  making sure we get the right spike to hit the tee. After all, the season is up early and better be ahead of the pak, I mean pack!

Anthony Pak Golf Academy, let’s Go! Go! Go!

A Vancouver Tradition: The Public Salon

Continuing the tradition of inspiration, diversity and community leadership, The 21st Public Salon was held at The Vancouver Playhouse last Feb 18 and was yet another night spent with visionaries.

From our favorite amigo, the home-cook resturateur, the dirty scientist (quite literally), the playing quartet among others, they, in their truly unique voices serve and inspire the communities they serve. And this is where Lynn  and Sam Sullivan comes in to showcase  these ordinary folks with extraordinary vision.

What started as a ritual of core friends exchanging ideals, continued on and remains a legacy dedicated to a dear beloved friend of Sam and Lynn. For this kind of tradition to live on, community support is almost always very much needed and appreciated. Luckily, I am one among those to represent social media bloggers to cover the continuing tradition.

With that, the next Salon would love to hear who inspires you? Who leads you? Who speaks your voice?

Maybe it’s about time we hear them too.

amigo architect home cook microbiologist quartet


Gift Card with Gift Promo

It is Black Friday Weekend and as we head to the peak of retail shopping, let me  act as your very own “Santa’s little helper” by rolling out gifts that keep on giving.

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Lots of Gift Card Choices for everyone on your list!

Lots of Gift Card Choices for everyone on your list!


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