Gift Card with Gift Promo

It is Black Friday Weekend and as we head to the peak of retail shopping, let me  act as your very own “Santa’s little helper” by rolling out gifts that keep on giving.

Yup, here goes, GIFT CARDS! Time to get them, time to gift them. Buy any combination of gift card(s) and get a treat for yourself. There is no minimum and all purchases will receive a gift. Take a look at the line up:


6 of these goodies to give away.


For the reader in your list. While supplies last.


Also available in gray. While supplies last.

Just order a combination of one or more of the following gift cards and receive the items shown above as your gift. Items may vary based on availability and volume orders. A good example will be : Order $300 and above worth of gift cards and get the IPAD/Kindle  cover(s). Order $300 and below worth of gift cards and receive E-reader clip light. Single order(s)  of $50 will receive the micro cleaning cloths. One gift per customer while supplies last. All orders will be entered to win a Surprise gift that will be revealed closer to the end of the Promo Period (Nov 30-Dec 19th). All orders must be picked up by Dec 22nd, 2014. Cash on delivery only please. (Receipts will be issued).

But wait, register to become a Lyoness member and order the gift card(s) under your account for an extra gift ($5 Starbucks gift card). You get the Gift Cards, the item (as shown), the shopping points and the $5 Starbucks gift card. Win-win-win. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Please note:

While supplies last. Gift items maybe exchanged for similar value.

We are not responsible for lost gift cards, please treat them as cash.

Gift Card Varieties and Denomination as follows:

Subway   from $25 – $50

Cara (Milestones. Swiss Chalet etc)  from $25- $50

Earl’s Kitchen & Bar from $50

Cineplex $50

For everyday shopping :

Superstore  $100

Shopper’s  $50 – $100

Petro Canada $50 – $100

Canadian Tire $50 – $100

Home Depot $100

Lots of Gift Card Choices for everyone on your list!

Lots of Gift Card Choices for everyone on your list!


Mix and match for your holiday gift-giving.


Available in this color only.


Being a Lyoness member is optional and is being offered to encourage friends to join my shopping community. After agreeing to become a member, there is NO minimum monthly purchase. Use it online to shop, order gift cards and tell friends. It is not a requirement to join if you would just prefer to order the gift card(s) to receive gifts.

Gift item(s) awarded will be based on total volume of orders received. The author reserves the right to replace gift items of similar value.

Please ask the author of this post for any questions related to this promotion.

Happy shopping!

Community Engagement

In light of Vancouver being the hub of cultural diversity, we as a community celebrate it with much fervor and pride.

No where else in the world could we be more efficient as when we engage, indulge and make our voices be heard. To honor that continuing legacy and tradition, former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan hosts the yearly Public Salon. It is a place dedicated for community engagement, inspiration and solidarity. This year, it will be held on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 from 7:00pm-9:30pm.

This year, like in  previous ones , The Vancouver Playhouse at 600 Hamilton St.  Vancouver brings together thinkers, doers and influencers on a platform so rich that it is almost certainly a  sold-out event. With this year’s line-up of Speakers such as (hold your breath) :

Mohammed Assani –Sitarist at  www.mohammedassani.com
Martha Carter –Choreographer at www.martamartaproductions.org
Paul Dragan – Reckless Bike at  www.reckless.ca
Genevieve Ennis Hume – Hume Atelier at www.humeatelier.com
Kwiaahwah Jones – Curator of Bill Reid Art Gallery at www.billreidgallery.ca
Lance Barrett Lennard – Marine Mammal Biologist at www.vanaqua.org/learn/aquafacts/careers/whale-biologist
Cluadia Li – Hua Foundation at www.huafoundation.org
Jason Lindstorm – Bucket List at www.bucketlist.org

They bring together a unique mix of strength, charm, passion and endurance to inspire, educate, entertain and connect within the community at all significant levels. This is an important event for anyone actively serving the community and would like to be inspired even more of their civic duties. And what’s more anyone reading this gets to be there when it happens. Yes, you read it right! I’m giving away two tickets to this event and all you have to do is share this post via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Two aspiring leaders will be drawn on Sunday Nov 16th 8pm PST and must confirm by Nov 17th 6PM to claim their official exclusive invite. Please keep posted on Twitter and Facebook for names of winners. Get ready to be inspired!


A Little Bit of Kick Start for Fitness

So it’s October and after an unbelievable sundrenched summer we may need to stay indoors for some active exercise.

You can only do so much biking, running and jogging and what better way to do that than to catch up with your zumba buddies at

Fitwells for Women in Coquitlam.

Lucky me, I was given a VIP pass to take advantage of the modern facilities just off Christmas Way Ave on Barnet Highway .

You can take zumba, cardio-core training, step-classes on flexible evening and morning schedules.

The instructors are so motivatingly enthusiastic and the classes are so well-designed that it let’s you join the sessions at your own pace and at your

own fitness level. The location has a play room for your little ones so they too can stay active (in the little playhouse etc) while moms sweat it out in a fun way with friends.

It took me one hour to get in on the fun step-class and oh boy did I really feel my muscles get the toned shout out they could possible have.

You too can stay active (well, a few days after Thanksgiving vis a vis Turkey and all the yummy fixins) and join this exciting give away. Fitwells for Women has locations in Coquitlam and Maple Ridge and they would like you to join and be part of the Zumba Madness that is sweeping women this side of town.

Enter through this link and by making a comment on this post and sharing it on twitter and facebook. Enjoy the Zumba!


And Then There Were Gift Cards

It has been my ritual to shop around for the best deals and promos I could find. Credit card points, Rewards Cards, Coupons etc.

As a single-income family, I make sure that I get the full benefits of my usual spending. I’ve been a loyal patron of Airmiles, Shopper’s Optimum, Ebates, Entertainment Coupon and the stamps and stickers. Religiously, I share the benefits of accumulated rewards to friends and co-workers who may otherwise have these loyalty rewards program but seldom use them. Why shop and get nothing? Overtime I have redeemed up to five luxury watches (Bulova, Fossil, Toywatch and Kenneth Cole), Hey’s Luggage, Canon Camera plus restaurant gift cards (The Keg, Tim Hortons & Starbucks etc) and up to $1,500 worth of groceries (From Shoppers) over a span of five years or more. Yes, I keep track of them all. Being a conscious shopper has paid off by double-dipping, timing my shopping and using promo coupons  and looking at flyers regularly. Now, I think I have the obligation to teach people how to shop wisely just by being consciously stretching the benefits of corporate marketing already available.

With that, I’m excited to launch a small group of shopping enthusiasts who, just like me will shop consciously and share the benefits of loyalty rewards, cash back and financial management, all while keeping the rewards you presently have and see new streams of money over and above it all.

Here’s how:

Send me an email at mslesliesantos@gmail.com with the Title: Great Little Shopping Community

In it please clearly indicate that you would like to join and become  a member of my group by sending the ff;

*Full Name:

*Mailing Address :  (including postal code)


*Phone Number:

*Email Address:

Once I send you the link to the FREE Membership, activate to confirm and set up your profile. You don’t need to shop right away if you don’t like. Do it at your own pace later. (I’d be happy to show you later).

This is where it gets exciting:

Everyone who activates and say yes will be entered to win a $25 Subway Gift Card.

The FIRST 10 people to sign up and say YES will get a $5 Starbucks gift card as my thanks to you.Cards sent by Canada Post or Delivered in Person by me.

Along with these I’m also rolling out my new business on the side which is Gift Cards Mall (Just available to close friends for now). Here’s how:

Order Gift Cards no minimum, no commitment starting from $10 (Selected Merchants)

For every $500 volume you accumulate you earn $5 Starbucks gift card. With no membership required.

Cash payment only for now upon delivery until further notice. Email me at mslesliesantos@gmail.com if you want to know which gift cards are available for this service.

There is no refund for lost gift cards so please treat them as cash. Receipts will be issued for all transactions whether or not a payment occurs (Gift cards redeemed as prizes will be asked to sign off as claimed for accounting purposes)

Ask for more details. Join my community and receive tutorials, tips and announcements for future meet-ups.

Cash only upon personal delivery.

A Little Whisper

In the midst of a late summer night a cool breeze looms
Yet another season ends with the promise of the next
I roll my eyes and gaze around me only to realize
It was not any different, nor any better.

The blank stare into my soul remains stale
The silent sighs remain the longest
The quaint grin didn’t go further
All These to a barren heart, I whisper….

Let go….